The 2023 Toyota Sequoia SUV redesigned for the modern family

“We’re definitely going to see a bump, and I think we’ve definitely brought in a product that I think will justify that higher volume,” said Joe Moses, general manager of vehicle, truck and SUV marketing and communications. of Toyota North America. Automotive News on the sidelines of an event here. “Quite frankly, there could even be a little more, but we’ve set our targets at about triple where we are now.”

Two years after its debut in 2000, the Sequoia peaked at just over 70,000 sales in the United States. The past two years, beset by COVID-19 and microchip shortages, have not been good for the aging SUV, with U.S. volume totaling 7,364 in 2020 and 8,070 in 2021. Last year, it was before -last in the large SUV segment, according to the Automotive News Research & Data Center, ahead of only the Jeep Wagoneer, which returned to the market at the end of 2021 after a three-decade absence.

“Sequoia will be a great product for us,” said Doug Eroh, president and general manager of Longo Toyota in El Monte, Calif., the nation’s top-selling Toyota dealership. Eroh said the redesigned SUV should “fuel some of our year-over-year growth” in the second half of 2022, given Sequoia’s current weak sales.

He said his dealership has already “got a few dozen new orders from our customers” since the Sequoia was unveiled this week. “Our customers are excited about the product and especially the hybrid powertrain,” Eroh said. “The prospect of having a high-quality Toyota full-size SUV with an electrified powertrain is very appealing to our customers.”

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