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Despite the lack of confirmation, Tesla drivers in Greater Victoria are accused of rumors that the island’s first full-fledged sales and service center in Langford preceded a temporary service center in Victoria.

According to Twitter user @MarcoPRTesla, a contributor to Drive Tesla Canada news source and Supercharge Info EV charger database, the development-friendly West Shore community will see a sales and service center Tesla at 2371 Gate City Blvd. Without an island sales and service center, Tesla owners have to travel to Vancouver to make repairs impossible in a traditional auto shop.

The alleged location was previously a forest before being blasted to make room for condo and retail development, which was approved in a public hearing on March 15, with 2371 Gate City Blvd. , in particular, approved for rezoning for the rental and sale of automobiles.

While they would be delighted to host a Tesla sales and service center in Langford, a spokesperson for the city told Black Press Media that nothing has been confirmed to date.

A post from Tesla owner David L. on the Tesla Owners Club Vancouver Island Facebook group on October 18 suggested the possibility of a temporary service center in Victoria. “This afternoon, a very reputable source told me that Tesla will soon be opening a temporary service center in the Victoria area,” David said. “The location is secret, but there will be an announcement within the next week or two. This is a short-term solution until the Langford service and sales site is built and opens in mid-2022. “

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