Tesla Adds Tidal App for 2021.40 Software Update | ‘Cold Weather Improvements’, Traffic Sensitive Cruise Control and MORE


Tesla has unveiled its latest software update, which will include the Tidal music streaming app. According to the electric vehicle maker, adding this integration into the car is the biggest part of the release.

In addition to the Norwegian audio service, a lot of features will also be offered, including cold weather upgrades, traffic sensitive cruise control and much more.

Tesla 2021.40 update brings the tide

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BARCELONA, CATALONIA, SPAIN – 2021/07/26: In this photo, a Tidal app is displayed on a smartphone and in the background.

According to a report from Electrek, Tesla wrote that the Tidal streaming service is now accessible from the Media menu. If you already have an app account, you can start playing high quality audio content by simply connecting to Wi-Fi and pressing the Download button for the media you want.

The report further stated that previously Tesla had allowed the integration of several types of music streaming and podcast apps such as Spotify into the car for its users.

For those who have no idea about Tidal, this is a subscription service that was purchased by American rapper Jay-Z in 2015. What sets it apart from a standard audio app is its high sound. quality.

Additionally, Square recently completed its acquisition. The financial services company is controlled by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who has close ties to Tesla boss Elon Musk.

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Cold weather Tesla upgrades and cruise control chime

Electrek wrote in the same report that Tesla also provided up-to-date “cold weather improvements” for car owners.

According to the automaker, this feature is essential for adjusting a user’s climate setting, especially when wiping ice and snow. They could choose Keep Climate On when they park their vehicles.

Along with the cold weather improvements, Tesla introduced Traffic Sensitive Cruise Control. With this feature, an audio alert will be sent to you when you activate it. In addition, you have the option to deactivate it by clicking on Controls, Autopilot and finally on the traffic sensitive cruise control chime.

There was an earlier report that China put extreme pressure on Tesla cars through a special “recall”. In fact, the recall hinted at the arrival of the software update for the inclusion of this chime.

Currently, Tesla also allows users to use “British English” as the official language when it comes to onboard tutorials.

In another BBC report, the company opened up its charging networks to other electric vehicles for the very first time. The news site mentioned that the project would start in 10 locations in the Netherlands.

Has Elon Musk already signed with Hertz?

Earlier this week, Tech Times reported that the CEO of Tesla had clarified the issue of his contract with Hertz. According to the business mogul via Twitter, he admitted that the company had not yet signed the said agreement with the car rental company.

As part of the deal, Hertz plans to buy 10,000 Tesla cars by next year.

Recently, Tesla discovered flaws in some of its electric vehicles. The report states that there was “false positive braking” on the Model 3, Model X, Model Y and Model S in 2017.

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