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Top Gun debuted over 35 years ago and audiences around the world have felt the need for speed. Around the same time, Visa and Mastercard created the boom in loyalty travel and, with it, premium credit cards, disrupting how and why consumers were spending money (and how stores were losing revenue due to the increase in credit card processing fees).

Today, it’s time for a sequel (and a change). Maverick is back, and with it, the credit card industry is about to change once again. Like Top Gun wowed audiences, Facepay wowed store owners by picking up profits.

A high performance team

Facepay employs only the best of the best and works with a team that has a real history of working with auto store owners.

Dr Hale is the founder of Facepay and soon joined forces with Todd Westerlund. They met at Demandforce, a first-generation marketing automation company. Demandforce has been the fastest growing company in its segment for five consecutive years.

Success came from choosing the right co-pilots from store owners Greg Buckley and Eric Sevim, two of many who helped create an award-winning product and service for the time. The owners and writers of the services helped make Demandforce a resounding success and the same mindset is behind the development of Facepay. For its part, Westerlund is a trusted leader in the automotive industry because it works hard for the workshops; he became CEO of Kukui, the next evolution in marketing automation, and his tour of the country in the Kukui shrink van is legendary and has connected him with store owners nationwide. .

Hale is a respected Silicon Valley veteran. He has a background in high performance supercomputing for NASA, where he has worked on next-gen aircraft such as the F22 and F35 (Hale is also a licensed pilot and enjoys being a pilot owning an L39 fighter jet. ). Hale developed the Demandforce platform and was part of Intuit after its acquisition.

Facepay came next.

Facepay mission sheet

Hale was flying at an airshow at Nellis AFB, Las Vegas. The Fighter Weapons School is the Top Gun of the Air Force and it was a privilege for Hale to fly with the best of the best that week. Meanwhile, the annual Money 20/20 Expo was in town. Hale’s previous IT work was a precursor to blockchain (cryptocurrency) technology, a hot topic at the exhibit where keynote speaker David Nelms, CEO of Discover, said publicly: “There is nothing innovative coming into this space “. It was Hale’s AHA! moment — why do we even need credit cards, discount credit card processors, and their associated fees?

Hale has spent years finding the technology to disrupt the exploitative credit card industry. From this work was born Facepay, the pivotal relationship payments platform. The elegance of Facepay is its simplicity: Facepay works within your existing workflow to convert customers to direct payments, eliminating middlemen (credit card processors) and reducing their fees. And customers do it every day – imagine if 30% of your customers paid you the equivalent of money without having to change your process or any management system software your service writers use.

Facepay is a real market disruptor by converting credit card processing fees (and all ancillary fees) into a fixed subscription price. No established processor can do this without going out of business. Our team works in the interests of businesses and that is why we are supported by many coaches, salespeople and associations.

Take off – How Facepay works

The minds behind Facepay like to think of the Facepay dashboard as designed by service writers for service writers. As a result, Facepay is used in hundreds of stores and is growing rapidly.

Q: So how does Facepay help steer the process to success?

A: By allowing service writers to contribute directly to the bottom line without requiring additional work.

Service writers accept payment when vehicle service is complete. Customers have already authorized payments while the work is being carried out. This step can be called vehicle ready, pickup, checkout. This is when they accept customer payment with one-click Facepay and eliminate all credit card steps, card fees not present, and many potential chargebacks and chargebacks with credit cards. . Facepay has same day compensation. We focus on ease of use for service writers and their clients.

Facepay works so well that the average repair order placed is $ 943, or about $ 25 in direct profit paid in processing fees every time you skip the credit card machine.

“All you do with our dashboard is accept payment from the customer; so easy to use, “ Hale says, “This is the most anti-climate three-second demo you can imagine!” But it saves a lot of money. Service editors are the real heroes.

The implementation of Facepay is simple:

  • Service copywriters in our stores get behind-the-counter software dashboard to accept payment at checkout
  • Facepay automates customer notifications at check-in (or vehicle drop-off, quote, depending on your process)
  • Customers register during the maintenance of their vehicle

“And that’s it,” Hale said.

Fly with Facepay

Get out of the danger zone and join us on Facepay for a demo—

Register on to see tomorrow’s high technology today!

Hale says Facepay works so well because customers already trust their store, and love and trust DVI and automation. It’s not a conceptual leap to sign up, and unlike Venmo or other third-party apps, there’s no barrier to entry and store customers don’t download anything; they just connect their bank account in a secure process. Hale points out that over 72% of customers say they want a simpler digital process for transactions, and this past year has been transformational. Customers are now prioritizing this digital ease of use preference to local businesses.

Switch to autopilot with Facepay

Dr. Hale and the Facepay team learned at Demandforce that once a customer starts going digital through emails, appointments, reminders, reviews, etc., they want to stay digital. Streamlining the communication, approval, repair and payment processes has proven to build customer loyalty and increase revenue.


Your store can make more profit just by accepting payments from your customers with Facepay. Facepay handles the conversion and only takes a few moments to get started. Facepay is designed to work with your existing workflow and systems. Auto stores that do so are reaching new heights in terms of revenue, CSR scores, and customer satisfaction.

Keep on going. Be a maverick.

Relationship payments

Hale coined the term relationship payments to describe the aesthetics of Facepay and its relationship with stores and their customers.

“Venmo did this; they called it peer-to-peer and pushed it like crazy to differentiate themselves from retail payments. We know that our market benefits from relationships, which is why we coined the term relationship payments; that’s what we’re trying to do. Our platform is used by businesses to offer their customers contactless payments with 0% transaction fees, making the fee structure and savings easier for everyone involved. We build trust.

Cut through the chatter

“I learned a long time ago that there are only two ways to make more money. One is to reduce your costs and the other is to increase your prices. Well, if you want to save your customers some money and put some more in your pocket, Facepay is a great way to do it. It’s certain. It’s safe. It is convenient.”

– Steve Ammazzlorso, Owner, Sunny Sunoco, Margate, NJ

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“The repair business operates with fairly low margins and by recouping some or all of that 3% processing fee, I can put 1% into marketing, 1% to the team and the other 1%. that I can put directly in my pocket. It’s obvious.

– Eric Sevim, Japanese A + Owner, Can Carlos, CA


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