Ranking of the 10 most valuable car brands in 2022

A avoider study by JD Power found that many car buyers are entirely biased against certain car brands, regardless of their quality or reliability. They judge cars based on pre-determined beliefs without personal experience or expert opinions or ratings. The more consumers choose the same brand, the more loyal these automakers are. This loyalty is something they build over many years, and it translates into sales, and sales turn into profits and thus increase brand value.

Some car brands are more successful than others in the market. Traditional automotive giants have gradually built their reputation and increased their brand value over the decades, while others, like Tesla, have grown rapidly to the top in a relatively short period. Read on to find out if your favorite automaker is among the most valuable brands according to Interbrand’s 2022 Global Brand Rankings.

10/10 Porsche – $13.5 billion

Porsche 911 Speedster front quarter view
By: Porsche

Porsche is a popular German luxury brand and part of the Volkswagen Group. They have built some of the most technologically advanced performance cars with safety in mind. Their definitive model is the two-door, rear-engined 911 that has been in production since 1964 and has been so commercially successful for the brand.

Photo Porsche 911 Speedster front and rear
By: Porsche

Interbrand estimates a brand value of $13.5 billion in 2022. This is a growth of 15% over the previous year. Porsche looks set for the future of electric vehicles with a new range of battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in their stable.

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9/10 Ford – $14.4 billion

Ford Escape PHEV Avant Vapor Blue

Henry Ford is one of business’s greatest mavericks, and the company he founded over a century ago is still thriving. According to Interbrand rankings, Ford is among the top ten automotive brands, valued at $14.4 billion.

Ford Escape Front Quarter Rapid Red Driving

This is a 12% increase in value over last year. With a growing lineup of electrified vehicles, Ford looks set to tap into the new-look market, and they’re already the second best-selling electric vehicle brand in America.

8/10 Volkswagen – $14.819 billion

Volkswagen ID.4 Before 2023
Photo by Jake Stumph

Volkswagen had an uncertain start during the interwar period in Germany, but it became one of the best-selling automakers in the world. They’ve always built cars for people, and the reward has been consistent year-over-year growth in value.

Volkswagen Golf R

It’s one of the few automakers that never went bankrupt, and they’ve absorbed big names in the industry under the VW Group umbrella. In 2022, the Volkswagen brand, less its subsidiaries, is worth $14.8 billion, an increase of 10% from last year.

7/10 Audi – $14.9 billion

Parked red Audi TT RS on track

Audi is one of dozens of high-performance automakers under the Volkswagen Auto Group, and they do pretty well on their own. Almost all models in the range of the sporty luxury brand deliver solid performance with a class-leading interior accompanied by accomplished rides and dynamic handling.

Audi SQ7 2023
through Audi USA

And it seems that the brand’s loyal customers don’t mind spending a lot of money to buy these cars. In 2022, Audi commands a brand value of 414.9 billion, an increase of 11% compared to last year.

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6/10 Hyundai – $17.3 billion

Front view of the silver 2021 Hyundai Sonata N Line
by: Hyundai

Hyundai recently launched a charm offensive and doubled down on electrification and smart mobility solutions approaching the new era of mobility. Their efforts to build capacity and add value to their customers have had a positive impact, with a 14% increase in brand value over the past year.

Veloster N Hatch blue on the road
Through Hyundai

According to Interbrand, Hyundai is worth $17.3 billion, ranking it 35th among global business giants. Korean equipment has evolved and its cars match the performance and appearance of its German rivals.

5/10 Honda – $22.8 billion

Via: Netcarshow

Honda has a unique, multi-layered approach to business that has allowed them to invite creativity to fuel constant innovation, allowing them to consistently launch high quality products with high value to market. Many consumers associate the Japanese brand with nice, fuel-efficient and bulletproof cars.

The 2023 Honda Civic Hatchback on the road.
Via: Honda

Such a reputation is not without its rewards, and it reflects on the Honda brand. In 2022, the value of the Honda brand is $22.8 billion, an increase of 7% over last year.

4/10 BMW – $46.3 billion

BMW iX M60 2023 bonnet logo
Going through: Bradley Hasemeyer

BMW has been on a gradual growth curve since 2009, when its brand value stood at $21.6 billion. More than a decade later, they have more than doubled in value and currently rank fourth among automakers with a valuation of $46.3 billion.

BMW M3 Touring front drive

This is an 11% growth over the last twelve months, and even if it loses a position, the brand maintains its reputation of a luxury performance car manufacturer of choice for many gearboxes.

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3/10 Tesla – $48 billion

2022 Tesla Cybertruck All-Electric Pickup Truck
By: Tesla

Tesla is positioning its products and services for a current low-revenue market with imminent growth anticipated. That future is already here with the adoption of electric vehicles. The ever-growing brand is now the third most valuable car brand at the expense of BMW.

Tesla three cars in the mountains
By: Tesla

Over the past twelve months, Tesla brand value increased by 32% at $48 billion. And if there’s any merit to Elon Musk’s opinion, we may soon see it take the top spot as he believes the brand is on track to overtake Apple.

2/10 Mercedes-Benz – $56.1 billion

2024 Mercedes-Benz EQE53 AMG front third quarter view

Mercedes is not the most valuable car brand, but they are quick to remind car enthusiasts that they are the premier luxury car brand, a gong they have held for seven consecutive years. They also saw their brand value increase by 10% to $56.1 billion.

Mercedes-AMG ONE Yas Marina front quarter view
via Mercedes-AMG

The premium car brand is a pioneer in engineering and mobility technology innovations, and its range of new luxury and performance cars will give consumers food for thought in the market for a new car.

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1/10 Toyota – $59.7 billion

Via: Toyota

For another year, Toyota retains the top spot for Most Valuable Automotive Brand. According to Interbrand, the Japanese automaker is worth around $59.7 billion, a 10% increase from last year.

Toyota Highlander Front Quarter Wind Chill Pearl Alternate Angle

You’re more likely to spot a Toyota on any global highway than any other brand. And that won’t change anytime soon as the brand takes bullish steps to grow. eco cars, which contributes to the sustainability of the brand.

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