Overall drop in crime but increase in auto thefts in May, police chief Bray says



Overall, crime declined in May, but auto thefts are up 3.7% and tickets issued are up 43.3%.

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The total number of reported crimes fell in May, according to the Regina Police Service (RPS).

At Tuesday’s Council of Police Commissioners meeting at City Hall, monthly crime statistics were presented, showing that the combined number of personal and property crimes fell by 12, 9% compared to May 2020.

That means 709 fewer calls the RPS had to respond to and far fewer crimes occurring in the city, according to police.

Auto theft, however, was up slightly in comparisons since the start of the year. Police recorded an increase of 13 auto thefts, an overall increase of 3.7 percent since the start of the year.

Mayor Sandra Masters asked RPS chief Evan Bray if he wouldn’t mind making an impromptu public service announcement on how to prevent car theft.

To everyone’s surprise, the police chief revealed that people should not leave their cars running and unattended.

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Bray said these are often crimes of opportunity, so lock your doors and take your keys with you. Car thefts in Regina are a problem regardless of the season, the chief said.

In winter the problem is people use their car to keep it warm, in summer the problem is the air conditioning or rushing to a business or house to drop something off.

But it’s not just about idling the cars with the windows down and the music playing.

“Sometimes they are stolen by other means. People are cheating the ignition system, ”Bray said.

Preventing car theft means making your car an unattractive target.

On the subject of cars, Criminal Code offenses are up significantly this year, as are tickets issued. For dangerous driving and other traffic offenses under the Criminal Code, police recorded a 32.6% increase in incidents and a 43.3% increase in tickets issued.

In gross numbers, police have issued 2,171 additional tickets since the start of the year.

When it comes to overdose deaths, the city has maintained the same level as statistics released in 2020. Overall, police reported 11 overdose deaths in May this year and last year.

During the meeting, a report regarding the holding of the RPS pension was presented. According to one of the presenters, at the end of 2020, the Regina Police Service pension plan was worth $ 357.7 million. At the end of the year, the current pension plan had 987 members including 458 active members, 501 retirees or survivors, 13 deferred members and 15 former members.

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