Officers investigate report of stolen car: North Olmsted Police Blotter




Stolen car: route de Lorain

An officer at 10:50 a.m. on June 24 responded to Avis Car Rental on Lorain Road with a stolen car report.

An employee said a man, using a New Jersey driver’s license, rented a Kia Sorento on May 7 and was expected to return the vehicle on May 8. However, the vehicle was never returned and the employee could not reach the tenant. by the phone number he provided.

The suspect also provided Westlake with a second address, but when a police officer visited that house, no one opened the door and neighbors said they did not recognize the suspect’s name.

Police left voicemail messages for the tenant on his cell phone. They tried to verify the man’s identity by verifying the driver’s license information he provided to the rental company. However, a computer check of the man’s license information indicated that it was not in the computer files.

On June 24, the vehicle was recorded in a national computer database as theft, according to the police report.

Small flight: Great Northern Boulevard

On June 17, officers responded to a call from Dick’s Warehouse about a suspected shoplifter who had fled the store on his bicycle.

En route to the store, an officer spotted a suspect and stopped him on Brookpark Road, near the Great Northern Mall. The suspect admitted to stealing shoes, which he took out of a backpack and handed over to the police officer.

Police returned the suspect to the store, where a manager identified him as the suspected shoplifter. The manager said the man was also wearing a pair of store shoes and left his old shoes on the store display.

The total value of the stolen items was $ 224.94, according to a police report.

Police charged the suspect with petty theft.

Shoplifting: Brookpark Road

A Walmart asset protection associate called North Olmsted Police on June 19 to report that a suspected shoplifter was in custody.

The employee told police the woman went through a self-service cash register, where she repeatedly scanned one item, but then bagged several more items. She had a shopping cart full of groceries but only paid $ 32, according to a police report.

The employee arrested the woman as she was leaving the store. The total amount of the stolen goods was $ 73.82, according to the police report.

The woman was charged with petty theft.

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