Mogo Auto takes the lead in commercialization of autonomous driving technology in China



BEIJING – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – A smart transportation project with an investment of 500 million yuan (nearly $ 80 million) is currently underway in Hengyang City, Hunan Province, China’s hinterland. Mogo Auto Intelligence and Telemetics Information Technology Co., Ltd., a Beijing-based autonomous driving technology start-up, is in charge of the project. Local media report that “the company will provide a single solution covering the construction of smart roads, upgrading of autonomous vehicles and the operation of the smart city transport platform in cloud management.” Hengyang City is one of the transportation hubs in China, with several major highways and railways intersecting there.

It could be the biggest autonomous driving project in the world. With a designed mileage of 200 kilometers, it is the largest of all L4 level autonomous driving projects launched in the world. A 38-kilometer-long smart road will be deployed and commissioned in September during the first phase of the project, according to the company’s press release. By then, there will be around 500 autonomous vehicles on the streets of the city, including robobus, robotaxis, autonomous shuttles and other public service vehicles providing firefighting, street sweeping, street sweeping, distribution and emergency medical services.

Unlike the previous ones, the Hengyang project contains much more complex traffic conditions. Autonomous vehicles will be deployed on real urban roads involving main streets, downtown, tunnels, flyovers, rural roads without surface markings, etc. Mogo Auto says it will provide an intelligent urban transport brain for real-time monitoring and overall planning, to effectively meet the transport demands of citizens. It could also significantly reduce traffic accidents or traffic jams.

The project is a new case of a Chinese high-tech company taking the lead in advanced science and technology around the world. Mogo Auto’s official website shows that the company was founded in 2017 as a global leader in autonomous driving technology and operation service provider. It has tested and operated fleets of autonomous vehicles in Beijing, Jiangsu, Hunan Province and other areas.

Mogo Auto claims to have a better profit model with the Hengyang project as proof. Mogo Auto could at least derive benefits from building intelligent transport infrastructure, upgrading, selling and operating fleets of autonomous vehicles.


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