Metro police called for short-term rent dozens of times in 2022 for theft

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – Men in town for a bachelor party said they had a rude awakening when they returned to their Airbnb on Saturday night.

They said two cars, laptops and other items were stolen and the house was destroyed.

The complex along Elliott Avenue between Eighth Avenue South and the 12South neighborhood has more than a dozen short-term rentals. Metro police said they received 148 on-site calls for service this year.

On Saturday, an officer came to Unit 1 after police said it had been broken into again.

“They were basically playing Grand Theft Auto, like a video game,” said Matthew Damsky, who has stayed at Airbnb. “We’re in a room full of bunk beds and everyone’s stuff has just been thrown out.”

Damsky said laptops, iPads and car keys were missing.

“I thought it was just the keys, but the car was gone too,” he said.

Damsky said they immediately called the police.

“Here’s the pink part of it,” Damsky said. “A third cop showed up at our house, he shook his head and said, ‘I was in this house last week for a burglary. “”

The group said the security cameras were broken and Metro Police believe there was no forced entry. After previous break-ins, police believe a group of minors entered through the side door or through an unlocked window.

“These people know their house is constantly being broken into,” Damsky said. “But yet they still advertise it’s a safe place for people to stay on Airbnb and I think Airbnb is removing reviews.”

Metro police say the house was broken into less than a month ago by minors. This burglary happened at 4am and they said the guests inside huddled in the bathroom. Metro police also said two minors involved in the incident have been arrested and are no longer in custody.

Damsky said this rental was part of a bigger problem and people should stay away.

“Clearly this Airbnb has a target on its back,” he said.

WSMV4 contacted the owner and left a message. The owner did not return the call.

Police said the cars had been found and were being investigated.

Other landlords in the area remind people to take their car keys with you when visiting another city, even if you’re not driving your car.

Subway police said a task force was patrolling this area. The Midtown Precinct has over 1,400 short-term rentals.

Airbnb provided WSMV4 with the following statement:

“We are working closely to help guests with their stolen belongings and have issued a full refund to guests. The listing has been deactivated while we investigate, and Airbnb is ready to support local law enforcement throughout their investigation.

Airbnb said this was the first theft incident reported on this listing.

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