Autonomous tech company Argo AI lays off about 150 employees

Autonomous technology company Argo AI said it laid off about 150 employees on Thursday.

In a written statement, an Argo spokesperson said the layoffs were part of “cautious adjustments to our business plan” as the company plans for future growth.

Former Argo employees who worked in the company’s human resources, recruiting, technical sourcing and communications divisions shared news of their layoffs on their respective LinkedIn profiles.

Argo’s workforce remains at more than 2,000 employees worldwide, according to the spokesperson.

The Pittsburgh-based company has grown and launched new operations at a rapid pace over the past year.

In September, it launched a partnership with Walmart focused on delivery services in Miami, Washington, DC and Austin, Texas. This happened the same month that Argo began autonomous testing in Munich.

In December, Argo partnered with Lyft and Ford to launch a ride-sharing service in Miami, a city that has been at the forefront of the company’s overall audiovisual efforts for years. Two months ago, Argo began testing human safety driverless audio-visual vehicles behind the wheel in Miami.

The layoffs would not impede the growth of those partnerships, the Argo spokesperson said, or slow down any of the company’s plans to develop commercial services around its self-driving systems.

Ford Motor Co. and Volkswagen Group are Argo’s main investors.

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