Automobile Castle



Show and tell – 10/5Cody Stark shows us a guitar pedal that makes a funny sound!

Automobile CastleLeti’s Fruits in Stockton is next door to the car business owned by their father. He immigrated to America with only a backpack. Her kids will show us around the store and tell us what they do best!

Vegan Air Fryer RecipesYou can air fry just about anything BUT can you make it even healthier? Nutritionist Monica Salafia will show us how!

105 Noshery to RosevilleA restaurant in Vieux Roseville is celebrating its first anniversary and is taking the opportunity to support a good cause! Lori Wallace is at 105 Noshery for details and to view the menu!

Leti’s Fruits in StocktonIf you are looking for a treat in the Stockton area, we have the place for you! Molly Riehl is at Leti’s Fruits to taste and discover the history behind the company!

Glamping in paradiseMelissa and her husband, Cliff Jacobson, lost almost every structure on their property, including 4 houses and the elaborate outdoor kitchen, during the campfire in 2018. As they continue to rebuild, they have set up camp tents. glamping for a mini-season!

Tomatina RosevilleTomatina started out as a popup amid the pandemic. It’s been a year and they are here to stay! Tomatina now has a restaurant in Roseville and Lori Wallace went to check it out!

Bags 4 benchesA partially blind woman in Stockton collects plastic grocery bags. A company takes these bags, melts them and presses them on benches. How many bags does it take to make a bench? 48,000. And she gathered enough to make 3 benches. She is currently running a campaign for people to donate plastic bags until February 2022. Her goal is to get 500 pounds of plastic. She currently has 300 pounds.

Rescue of the fauna of the land of goldLori Wallace is at Gold Country Wildlife Rescue in Auburn, encountering a bobcat named Lava Bob who has been rescued from the Lava Forest Fire. She doesn’t get too close, however, Lava Bob IS a wild animal!

The Gateway Hotel in CopperopolisThe Gateway Hotel just opened in May in Copperopolis, and we wanted to take a look! Manager Bill Babis and our photographer Shawn Halverson give Tina a peek!

“Gloria: A Life” by Sacramento Theater Company“Gloria: A Life” is the Sacramento Theater Company’s first in-person show since the pandemic, and the cast is made up of all women. Jamie Jones, who plays Gloria Steinem in the production, talks about the series with Dina.

Maggie NewcombIt’s mental illness awareness week. About 1 in 5 adults and children will experience a diagnosable mental health problem in their lifetime. Maggie Newcomb is a mental health speaker, writer and comedian living in Sacramento who uses her own story to inspire hope of living with mental illness and reduce stigma. Her first book was published in 2015, Chocolate Pudding In Heaven; The Intriguing Journey of My Bipolar Mind and just launched an audiobook, coming out now!

Production of Gloria: A Life by the Sacramento Theater CompanyThe Sacramento Theater Company’s first in-person show in two years, Gloria: A Life will premiere on October 6!

Green chile bribeTwo Rivers Cider Company presents the Green Chile Kickback! Green chili roasters and a green chili burger to present. A specialty cider outing including the Peligro Cider inspired by local groups Sol Peligro and Peligro Brass. There will be live performances by Nosotros from New Mexico and Peligro Brass from Sacramento. Fun fact: apart from the Nosotros group, the green chili roaster is originally from New Mexico!

Custom furniture with garage handymen!A local carpenter turned her passion into a booming business! Julissa is with D’ondra Howard, checking out her custom furniture!

Can he! Dog Waste Disposal SystemCan he! and is a complete poop bag system that dispenses a new bag and expands to transport the used bag to a trash can. It comes with a container of hand sanitizer and a roll of 100% compostable plant-based poop bags – no plastic. Everything about it is designed to help every dog ​​walker enjoy their time outdoors while keeping their neighborhood, waterways, and all outdoor destinations clean and healthy for everyone.

California State Virtual Career FairThe State of California is looking to fill IT positions, and there is a Virtual Career Fair you can attend to find out more! Tina chats with Lanaya and Brandon from the California Department of Human Resources, to get the details!

Rescue of the fauna of the land of goldGold Country Wildlife Rescue in Auburn has been particularly busy with the pandemic, and now they are also helping wildfire rescues. Lori Wallace takes a tour and finds out how you can help!

Hello mister mayor !The mayor of the town of Copperopolis is also A VERY GOOD BOY! Copper and her performer Mike join Tina to show us around their ice cream shop and how you can contact and text the mayor himself!

The dog mayor takes office, 7 a.m.Copper has just been elected mayor of Copper Valley. Copper is a (good) dog.

Rescue of the fauna of the land of gold, 7 a.m.Gold Country Wildlife Rescue has collected over 1,000 more wildlife this year than last year, primarily as a result of forest fire prevention work (read “tree cutting”). Lori Wallace was there to learn what can be done to help.

License plates by ReviverReviver has received a license to modernize! Stamped metal license plates will soon be a relic of yesteryear! The first digital license plates were created in Granite Bay! We sent Julissa Ortiz there for a closer look!

Sing it to me – 10/4Can the Good Day Players finish the lyrics to this Cyndi Lauper classic? Find out in today’s Sing it to Me!

Halloween costume swapCostume enthusiasts from across the region have the opportunity to help make the spooky season more lasting. Molly shows us how to swap our costumes!


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