ASEAN countries step up car production and sales – Manila Newsletter


The ASEAN auto industry recorded positive growth in both sales and production with all countries except Myanmar, reporting higher sales in July this year.

Data from the ASEAN Automobile Federation showed that the region’s auto sales rose 27.5 percent to 1,507,331 units from 1,182,291 units during the same period last year. In addition, motor vehicle production increased 38.3 percent to 1,959,307 units from 1,417,089 units.


In terms of sales, the region’s largest market, Indonesia, posted an increase of 60.8% to 460,105 units in the first seven months of this year, compared to 286,215 units in the same period. last year. Thailand sales increased a modest 9.7 percent to 425,633 units from 387,975 units while Malaysia improved 10.2 percent to 256,215 units from 232,423 units last year .

Car sales in Vietnam showed robust growth of 26.9% with 166,516 units versus 131,248 units, while the Philippines contributed total sales of 154,265 units or 46.1 versus 105,583 units sold during the same period last year. Sales in Myanmar fell significantly to 154,265 units from 105,583 units.

In terms of production, the ASEAN countries were able to increase their production to 1,959,307 units, which is 38.3% more than the 1,417,089 units sold during the same period from January to July of the year. last.

The biggest producers during the seven-month period were Thailand with 967,764 units, up 39.2% from 695,468 units last year, followed by Indonesia with 588,881 units versus 394,056 units for robust growth of 49.4%.

Malaysia’s car production improved 14.2 percent to 244,063 units from 213,648 units while Vietnam increased production by 47.9 percent to 107,505 units.

The Philippines was able to improve production by 48.4 percent to 50,046 units from 33,715 units during the same period last year. Myanmar was the only country in the negative category, losing production 86.1% to 1,048 units from 7,515 units.



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