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Decades have passed and television has changed a lot, but Friends and Seinfeld continue to enjoy mass appeal. The two New York sitcoms center on a motley group of friends and are often opposed. And while the similarities between the two shows are striking, there are some major differences between them.

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Jerry Seinfeld’s eponymous show is the predecessor of Friends and focuses more on the mundane aspects of life. Friends, on the other hand, has six main characters and still enjoys mainstream status. There is a strong argument that Seinfeld does some things better than Friends, but the jury is out. That said, one of the best ways to gauge this competition is through memes.

Judgy McJudgerson

Everybody Loves Seinfeldby Elaine Benes. The only friend of the group, she stands out among her friends. She’s smart, funny, quirky and endearing perfect pieces.

In Season 8’s “The Abstinence”, the group experiences sexual coercion and, as a result, George’s intellect increases. Elaine, however, thinks she is losing her grip. She stands in front of an auto store and watches the spinning tires for a moment, smiling, banging and turning her head in the direction of the tires.

The Judgy McJudgerson standing nearby gives him a condescending look – the same as any Seinfeld the fan would give a Friends’ fan or vice versa.

The bat slap

The Batman Slapping Robin meme has been around for years and is one of the most commonly used meme designs. And Seinfeld fans have found a way to spin the meme and use it against their rival fandom.

This particular meme leaves no doubt and conveys precisely what any Seinfeld fans would like their rivals, and people in general, to know: Friends is not better than Seinfeld. Having said that and conveyed, many would agree that both shows have the same merit and a different approach to humor.

Went too far

In 2019, when news.com.au, an Australian news site, asked its Twitter followers to “settle” the question of which sitcom was the best, Seinfeld the fans spared no effort to secure their victory. They made their case and got the message across through the language of memes, as seen here.

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The short clip, taken from Season 8’s “The Chicken Roaster”, shows Kramer getting hit in the face by a beam of red light coming from the unusually large chicken panel in front of his apartment. While using the word “uneducated” for Friends’ the fans are way too harsh and unwarranted, Seinfeld fans have made it clear that they are not to be taken lightly.

Defensive fandoms

If a fan finds it reasonable to stand with a sign right in front of the beloved gang of six carrying the message that Seinfeld is the top sitcom, you better believe the rivalry has taken a life of its own. Fans of both sitcoms stick together at every opportunity.

However ruthless Seinfeld fans can understand, the fact that the two fandoms compete time and time again only proves that the debate is intractable and that the fandoms are ready for the long haul.

Who had to hurt

Fans of both sitcoms vividly remember Courteney Cox, who played Monica Geller in Friends, made an appearance Seinfeld. She played the role of Jerry’s fake wife, Meryl, one of Seinfeld’s low-key villains, in Season 5’s “The Wife”, and they parted with the words “we’ll always have pancakes.” Meryl shared the discount on Jerry’s laundry and the two seemed compatible. But they went too fast, which ultimately derailed their relationship.

“The woman” was a memorable memory Seinfeld episode and gave fans a glimpse into Cox’s early days, before she became a seasoned actress, and wowed fans with her Monica Geller. Here, this meme claims that she also has strong opinions about the comic writing of 1994, the same year as Friends has begun.

If they lived in the same building

What if Jerry lived in the same building as Monica and Co.? Jerry and Monica have both dealt with their share of noise complaints.

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In Season 2’s “The Apartment”, Jerry complained about the noisy neighbors who had moved upstairs and into Friends, it was Monica’s neighbor, Mr. Heckles, who complained about the noise. While Mr. Heckles also inspired some hilarious memes, Jerry’s newbie and boisterous musician neighbors are the inspiration for this one.

Hey now!

… said a Seinfeld fan who refuses to be convinced otherwise. Whoever watched Seinfeld knows the motley group was determined in their own way, so why should their fandom be any different? After all, determination, dedication, and unwillingness to change or let go of preferences are inevitable qualities of die-hard fans.

This is a quote from the Season 9 episode, “The Serenity Now”, but Seinfeld fans could easily tell this to anyone trying to convince them that Friends is the top sitcom.


Seinfeld fans know how to choose their memes. It’s no secret that Elaine was the smartest, fiery, and assertive member of the gang. She was also cranking things up, and sometimes her anger would manifest itself in violence.

Elaine had no hesitation in grabbing George’s forelock and throwing it out the window or throwing it to the ground. She once had a fight with George’s father, Frank Costanza, and so why wouldn’t she be the face of the meme describing a rivalry that has gone too far?

Costanza on a cold day in NYC

The long-standing rivalry is summed up by this meme and the man, George Costanza, himself. This clip is from Season 5’s “Dinner Party”, where George appears in a Gore-Tex coat.

Being the tight-fisted George Costanza, he struggles to understand why the gang has to bring anything to the dinner they’re going to. As a compromise, he suggests they bring Pepsi instead of wine and tries to defend it. This diligent meme maker changed the words “Wine” to “Friends” and “Pepsi” with “Seinfeld, “and that’s comic gold.

It is not a competition

This meme echoes the sentiments of many in the caption, saying, “Everything doesn’t have to be against.” The alternate opinion deserves special attention due to the similarities between the male characters in the two sitcoms. Jerry and Chandler both have the most money, they are fun characters and take care of a friend / roommate aka the moocher.

Likewise, sitcom moochers Joey and Kramer continue to come up with get-rich-quick schemes, seem to be lucky with the ladies, and have had odd jobs throughout. It is a fair analysis, and on the one hand, Friends lacks the sophisticated humor of Seinfeld, but on the other hand, Seinfeld is short of the well-rounded character arches seen in the first.

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