Loan despite negative credit bureau – not given to the unemployed

Unemployment and a negative entry at credit bureau are extremely bad conditions for a regular bank loan. In principle, it is possible to receive small loans without proof of salary, but it requires positive credit bureau information. Swiss loans without credit bureau, on the other hand, are not given to the unemployed, so that the credit options for unemployment and negative entries at credit bureau are low.

What is possible despite unemployment and negative credit bureau?

What is possible despite unemployment and negative credit bureau?

In some cases, loans can be successfully applied for despite negative credit bureau and unemployment. The pawn loan is naturally possible in any case, since the pawnbroker only takes the value of a offered pledge into account when granting the loan and does not request proof of income or obtain credit bureau information. However, the condition for receiving a pledge loan is that the unemployed person has a pledged item of value.

In addition, installment payments can still be taken out as loans in spite of negative credit bureau and unemployment at mail order companies where the borrower is already an existing customer. The reason for the possible payment in installments despite unemployment and negative credit bureau is that most companies carry out an internal credit check with existing customers. In terms of the direct business relationship, this is more meaningful than a credit bureau request, since it takes into account every late payment. A prerequisite for a successful application for dealer credit is that the borrower has always paid his bills on time to the relevant mail order company.

As a further option for borrowing unemployment and negative credit bureau entries, there are platforms for arranging private loans. Some of the corresponding Internet platforms accept applicants with a negative credit bureau, but they point out to private lenders that there is an increased credit risk. Of course, this notice is given without mentioning the name, especially since the processing of private loans is carried out via an account of a licensed bank. The classic form of applying for a loan for unemployed people with negative credit bureau is, however, a guarantor. If the creditworthiness is impeccable, the bank grants the requested loan despite negative credit bureau and unemployment, as it can contact the guarantor if the loan is not repaid and ask the repayment of the loan.

However, a prerequisite for a legally effective guarantee is that it does not burden the guarantor beyond his economic circumstances, which means that the bank must examine it with particular care. In any case, unemployed people pay attention to low credit rates so that they can actually meet their loan obligations as agreed.

Sometimes the office helps

Sometimes the office helps

Job centers grant loans to recipients of nice bank benefits despite negative credit bureau and unemployment. In this case, unemployment is not a reason for refusal, but a prerequisite for lending, while offices generally do not make a credit bureau request. However, the cheap loan through the Office can only be paid out for a few purposes, which is primarily the purchase of urgently needed household appliances.

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