how often to wax your car

Ultimate Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Car Wax

As absurd as this may sound, a person’s attitude towards even the simplest things in life can be judged by his car. A neat, dust-free interior not only gives you but also your car a mature look. The best way to make your car as good as possible is to opt for car detailing, since it deals with every nook and corner of your car. Car wax will greatly enhance the exterior appearance of your car. Visit Turtle Wax for good car wax products.

In this article I’m going to share with you how you can maintain that new car shine and keep your car’s paint in its pristine, show room condition. It can be confusing trying to figure out which car polish or wax to use. A lot of manufactures confuse the terms car wax and car polish. There is a difference from car polish and wax and what they will do for you. To get the finished look you want to end up with, you will want to know the difference between the two.

Wash and wax the used cars monthly. Doing this protects the paint and keeps the glass and mirrors clear. It is best to wash your car at home than bring it to a machine car wash. The latter’s equipment can cause scratches and discoloration. You need not purchase those expensive car cleaners. The normal dish washing detergent would do since this is effective and gentle on the glass. With regard to waxing, consult your car dealer about it. Inquire about the most effective kind of wax and how to use it. Most best car wax products cannot be used on glass since it destroys the windshield wiper wax

Affordability – Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t get the best car wax. On the other hand, just because you have lots of dough in your pocket doesn’t mean you should spend the equivalent of a car payment on your wax. While you can find some at the local dollar store and even one for a mere $98.00 claiming to be the best car wax, there is a happy medium. A good car wax should cost somewhere in between the $10 to $20 range.

Unless you plan to use a wash and wax formula, you need to wash and rinse your vehicle before you wax it. Wash your car out of the sun, because sun can soften paint and lead to more scratching. When you rinse make sure you get all the soap off before you apply the wax. Now you are ready to apply wax in sections with a lamb’s wool mitt, soft cotton rag, or microfiber cloth.

After wetting the entire car, use a sponge and start cleaning the roof. Don’t use old rags. These usually leave very light scratches on your car. A long armed, soft bristled wash brush should be used instead. This is not only gentle for your Yuba City Nissan, but it will also reduce the time it takes to clean your car. Wash your car from the top and work your way down so that dirty water won’t get into the panels you’ve just cleaned.

If you’re going to wash your own car, be sure to use a quality car wash shampoo product. Trust me, spending a buck or two extra on a good product is money well spent. You can’t go wrong with Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash and Conditioner or Mothers California Gold Car Wash. They are both easy to find at your local auto parts store and they won’t remove your wax protection. Plus, these wash shampoos offer conditioners designed to prevent scratching and maintain the shine.

Turtle wax is a great wacIn the second stage of the exterior auto detailing process, the car must be polished. This means that any imperfections to the paint job can be gently buffed out. It also means that some of the debris from tar and bug splatter that may have been challenging to remove during the cleaning process are finally removed from the exterior of the vehicle. Once the buffing process is completed, the car’s finish can be deceptively perfect looking. This is why many people fail to follow through with the final phase of the process. They think that they don’t need best car wax. Bah! For more car wax products and options visit Twelfth Round Auto.

If rubbing by hand, rub the wax onto the car in a straight forward and back motion. Do not use circular actions. This is what gives a webbing effect Keep your actions at about thirty centimeters per stroke and avoid getting the wax into the seams or molds because it can be difficult to remove with some waxes. Do your car in sections starting from the top working down the body. Once you have completed the vehicle, allow anything up to an hour for drying time. Apply thin films of best car wax or sealers. The thicker it is, the harder it will be to remove.

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