Payday Loans

Free payday loans – How to get it?

Payday loans are quick loans that can be obtained in a few minutes. They are allocated by Good Finances or other loan companies that do not set such stringent requirements for their clients. Their most characteristic features are a short loan period and a low minimum loan value.

Although there are companies that offer payday loans for higher amounts, in most cases loans are granted for amounts between USD 1,000 and USD 5,000, which must be repaid within a month / several months.

It is possible to obtain both smaller and higher funds, but you must be aware that the higher the payday value, the higher the Good Finance will be – one of the conditions may be, among others third party surety.

Installment payday loans and loans are available, payable after one month. You should know that the interest rate for this type of debt is usually higher than for a bank loan.

This is due to the fact that Good Finances do not require security from their customers or the security is low. Some of them, however, offer payday loans without interest .

How to get payday loans without certificates?

How to get payday loans without certificates?

Most loan companies offer payday loans as proof without certification. What does it mean? That the borrower does not need to provide documents such as an employment contract, income certificate or bank statement.

All you have to do is report to the registered office of the selected institution with your ID card or complete the application online (then a copy of the document is sent electronically).

Depending on how you finalize the contract, the money can be delivered in cash or sent to your bank account.

Free first payday loan – what is it about?


Many Good Finances offer loans for free to encourage you to use their services. What are they about? The first interest-free loan has no interest – the customer pays exactly the same as what he borrowed . APRC, i.e. the Actual Annual Interest Rate, in this case is 0%.

The first loan for free is usually available for USD 1,000-3,000, and the loan period is one month. Most importantly, there are no commissions or hidden fees.

First interest-free loan – for whom?


The first interest-free loan is intended only for new customers of a particular Good Finance. It’s a quick way to fund your home budget at no cost. However, you should be aware that each subsequent payday pay will already be taken according to the standard price list.

In addition, some companies offer the first payday loan without interest on installments – thanks to this it is possible to obtain a larger amount that can be repaid in a few months, without damaging their financial liquidity.

Free payday loans without Good Finance Credit Information


The Credit Information Bureau , or Good Finance Credit Information, is a banking system that stores information about borrowers .

There you can find data on current liabilities or already repaid loans (in this case they will appear when the borrower has given his consent to build creditworthiness or when he has significantly exceeded the time of repayment).

Banks, regardless of whether they decide on a mortgage or a cash loan as proof, always check the customer’s history in Good Finance Credit Information and any problems with payments may be a reason to reject the application.

If you are concerned that this system may display information about your arrears, you can download your report on the Credit Information Bureau website for a fee .

However, for loans for free it is not necessary – Good Finances are not able to check your arrears in Good Finance Credit Information – only banks have access to the database.

Some loan companies verify clients in other debt registers, but this is not done for the first payday loan for free.

How to choose a free payday loan online?


To choose the best free payday loan online, it’s worth using the help of loan comparison websites. How do they work Just specify the amount of the commitment and the repayment period for the fully automated tool to generate a list of offers tailored to your needs. To find out which one applies to interest-free loans, select ‘free first loan only’.

The list of payday loans includes information such as the company name, loan amount (the maximum amount of debt is also marked), repayment period, cost (as a percentage by RSSO value), total repayment amount and loan installment amount.

Thanks to this, all the most important data are listed and comparison of offers is simple and quick.

After choosing the payday loan, check its terms carefully and read the contract. It is also important to decide to make a commitment only with proven loan companies that have good reputation.

Thanks to this, you can reduce the risk of being exposed to payday loans with additional, high fees that you do not realize when you make decisions.

Ranking of payday loans


A good way to find an affordable loan is to use payday loans rankings. It is important to check them only on independent financial services, and not on websites that are created with a particular Good Finance in mind.

In the quick loan rankings, the basic terms of the commitment are analyzed, only the most advantageous offers are selected, which are then sorted in the order from the most to the least attractive.

What needs attention is the date the ranking was created. The terms of online loans are changing so fast that checking data even two or three months ago is a purposeless operation.

Payday loans Good Credit, Good Finance often appear in the rankings. They are leading loan companies on the market, which are used by many people.


Long-term credit – Long-term loan | How to get it?

A bank loan can be requested over different durations, more or less long, depending on the needs of the borrower but also on the nature of the credit, namely a consumer loan over a long period, or a mortgage.

The duration of the different credits

The duration of the different credits

In France, there are two types of loans, consumer loans, and home loans. Consumer loans are capped at $ 75,000, they can be taken out for a minimum duration of 12 months and a maximum duration of 144 months (12 years).

A home loan is possible from an amount of $ 75,000, its duration can be spread over 60 months minimum (5 years) and over a maximum duration of 420 months (35 years). The duration makes it possible to define the amount of the credit maturities, the longer it will be, the lower the monthly payments will be high and vice versa, the shorter the duration and the higher the monthly payment will be.

A long term in the context of a loan allows many households to spread the debt and be able to support a new term, which is not necessarily possible with a short repayment period. It very generally adapts to the borrower’s needs but also to his debt.

Spread a loan over a long period

Spread a loan over a long period

It is possible to take out a loan over a long period, the consumer loan will be for a maximum of 12 years, the home loan for a maximum of 35 years, 30 years for certain credit institutions.

The longer the duration, the less the credit will have an impact on the monthly budget of the household, in other words, this loan will be better integrated into the household debt, that said, an extension of duration leads to a higher cost of financing, and in particular the payment of interest.

Spreading out the duration is therefore positive in order to make a project a reality, but the latter will cost more than in the short term, a happy medium to find for the borrower.

Alternative solutions for long-term credit

The zero-rate loan is financing offered to first-time buyers who are eligible. This amount can be added to a home loan, which allows you to extend your loan capital and for some to minimize the cost. For households with consumer loans and a mortgage, a loan buy-back can finance a new cash flow project and start over a long period, thus readjusting the amount of the monthly payment.

Finally, some credits offer clauses, allowing to extend the duration of the loan, it is advisable to check in the contract if such a clause exists, thus allowing to extend the debt.


Cheap Loans Compared the best offer helps save

For urgent requests, urgent new purchases, debt restructuring, but also for the payment of urgent bills, it may be necessary to access a loan and thus be able to make the necessary payment. Only looking at cheap loans in comparison and not opting for the best offer helps save and ensures that you make the right decision based on the personally focused criteria.

The free financial market has the right loans for all requirements and becomes transparent when you compare cheap loans. The comparison is free of charge and, in addition to information on interest and fees, also gives an insight into the general conditions and contractual basis of the individual providers.

Compare helps save and supports a well-considered decision

Compare helps save and supports a well-considered decision

Even those who compare cheap loans and are mainly interested in low interest rates should not ignore the other characteristics of the loans. In order to really save and to avoid problems even in the event of a changed financial situation, the loan should be flexible and therefore deferrable, but also rather repayable without increased fees. Depending on the amount of the loan, you can choose a security for the lender that is based on the desired amount and is therefore accepted as optimal security.

The credit rating does not matter on the free financial market. Even with an entry in the credit bureau or as a self-employed person, you can compare cheap loans and find an offer that is not linked to the creditworthiness and can be secured in other ways. When deciding on a loan, price and performance should always be in harmony and equally taken into account. Whether you choose a private investor or an independent financial intermediary, who usually corresponds to foreign banks, is solely up to personal requirements and has no influence on interest, processing time and the amount of the desired loan amount. The free financial market presents numerous offers for all requirements and makes it possible to make urgent purchases cheaply or to pay urgent bills through a low-interest loan without a large additional charge.

Secure properly and make competent decisions

Secure properly and make competent decisions

There are various options for securing cheap loans in comparison. Anyone who has sufficient material assets can transfer them to the lender and thus be predestined for a payment. The same applies to life insurance and other capital-forming insurance, savings plans or retirement products. If no actual collateral is available, a guarantee from relatives, family, or friends and business partners can be considered as accepted security.

It is important that the security offered is always in a positive ratio to the loan amount applied for and must not be less than this. The approval is given within 24 hours, followed by prompt payment in less than a week and thus convincing in a non-bureaucratic and competent manner.